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The Annual Slippery Gulch

Fishing Derby

The Slippery Gulch fishing derby always begins on the 2nd Saturday in June

and ends on the third Friday in June. 

The boundaries for the fishing derby are between the Washington / Idaho border

and to the Fairbanks road north of Tekoa.

The photos of each fish entry will be located at the Tekoa Hardware Store window.

Awards will be announced after the parade.

little fish.jfif

Age Groups

Age groups are:

0 to 3

4 to 6

7 to 9

10 to 12.

Parent / child division

Abstract Linear Background


  1. Once you have entered a fish, the same fish cannot be entered into another division.

  2. Once you have entered a fish in a division you cannot enter another fish in that same division.

  3. Measuring will be Thursday afternoon and Friday all day at the Tekoa Hardware Store.

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